Our Services

DMA Logistics GmbH has all the necessary customs authorizations. We are connected to the EC-ATLAS customs system, which allows us to accept and dispatch customs shipments without customs office intervention, using a simplified process.

 What we can offer:
- delivery of your load to and from any point of the world map using sea, avia and ground
- pick-up of the load in any German airport and delivery to our warehouse
- courier delivery to any European country with 24-hours on the road service
- loading and unloading of your deliveries
- conformity check of the documents with the load
- labeling and re-packaging of the load
- short-term and long-term warehousing
- execution of all the necessary transport documents: TIR, CMR, ΠΆ1, etc.
- convoy of the trucks to the customs office and customs clearance
- delivery of the shipments to Ukraine, Russia, with and without customs clearance
- storage of the goods at a warehouse in Ukraine and Russia